Quality Policy

Auto International is proud to be a symbol of best quality and state of the art technology in the industry. We are relentlessly working towards customer satisfaction by providing world class quality control system due to:
- Secure uniform quality by observing standard works
- Quality objects through constant training & education
- Dimensional testing for objects through constant training & education.
- Dimensional testing for defect reduction to "Zero Defect" products, for serving you

Overseas Trade Policy

Our overseas trade policy is very flexible and personalised. We undertake development of component at our risk and cost. Samples are forwarded to our prospective buyers after getting approval of our offer on their enquiry.

We welcome our customer to visit us any time to evaluate our capabilities and capacity.

Normally no rectification is needed on samples we send, but if required, cost will again be borne by us.

Environmental Policy

We at MFI are committed to ensures a safe and healthy workplace for our employees & minimises potential impact on the environment. We comply with all relevant environmental legislation and strive to use pollution prevention and environmental best practices in our Organisation.

Our Policies for Environment Includes:
- Minimise of waste and reuse/recycle as much as possible.
- Minimise the consumption of natural resources & Water.
- Proper training, conducted to our employees about environmental friendly issues and there impacts.
- Develop and maintain appropriate emergency and spill response programmes.

Safety Policy

We at MFI are committed to continually improve our activities related to healthy, safe and clean work environment.

- Optimal utilization of recourses.
- Minimize adverse Health & Safety impact by controlling emission and effluents.
- Creating awareness & organising training programs about Safety, Health and Environment throughout the organization.
- Reviewing capability of risk control Measures periodically.